Authentic Assessment

Session 1:Jigsaw activity

Part 1:
Given an article related to assessment to discuss in a group as to how it applies to us.
The main idea and discussion: That we are not teaching what is needed by employers, but hands are tied due to diploma requirements and college entry.
Also discussed the challenges in state schools which don't have access to the tech we are lucky enough to have.

Part 2:
Looked at how to make buildings google sketchup you tube. Our task in jigsaw groups was to look at how this could apply to the main points of each of the articles we read..

Our conclusion:
  • Creating Google Buildings with sketchup is the perfect example of how we can create networks and get people to do work for free and collaborate (with the world) skills employers need.
  • They would learn the skills of collaboration and also learning to learn skills with working on a google sketch up project.
  • It's free, although you need the hardware.
  • Google assesses before it's published. The whole world sees.
  • It's a meaningful assessment.

Session 2: Speed Geeking

So many great ideas shared. Hope to have more links soon.

Quick Time Player: Create audio, video and screen casts to use as a assessment tool. Collect prior knowledge. Check understanding throughout a process, reflection. Can be posted to blog.Quicker than writing.
Voice thread:
Completely integrated MYP documentation/student and teacher assessment / portfolio: Paul Fradale of Tokoyo International School to integrate all IB documentation to portfolios, reporting everything that's accessible to parents. They created their database outside house.
Photobooth for peer assessment: Spend a lesson after the process has been completed lap tops are set up with the work on there and children go around and say a comment. You can also create a rubric to assist students making excellent comments.
Google docs to see the work process: Students start a piece of work and students and T can make a comment. Google docs commenting has improved significantly in the past few months to be just like word. Students can accept or reject a suggestion. Excellent as an formative & summative assessment.
//Using Blogs for reflection://

Session 3&4

We created a project with an assessment using the tools that we have been exposed to .

Enhancing Vocabulary Learning Through Technology with James Anderson (Friday, 12-1pm)

To learn vocab and grammar children needs to read. Learning vocabulary enhances reading.
Strategy: Create slide show. Each slide has two pictures to represent a vocabulary word. Students try to create meaning of hte word. Surely this activity will help students consolidate the vocabulary. Use 2 pics which prevents misunderstanding that might be created with just one picture. Genius strategy.

Wordwall: Create a wordwall. Ss create 10 words per week on Power Point with two pictures and definition. Don't ask Ss to use it in a sentence. Teacher can add a sentence words. Could be related to UOI keywords.

Play Jeopardy with the words. Students create their own Jeopardy games and students play in class & in groups.

James' website and how he sets it up. Could have good implications for spelling words? In James' class he uses words that students find in their reading to create lists of words to study. I think in EAL you would have students find words in their reading they don't know and create slides. It could also link to spelling words or UOI words.

Intro To Wordpress by Toni O'Barton

Create username that will be unique and your presence all over the web.
Suggested the different uses for Wikispaces and Blog. Blog for communication. WIkispaces: Places for setting work to be done.
Keynote to session
Fairly basic stuff. Helped me realise that it's easy. :-) I'll be migrating my blog to Wordpress soon. I could explain this to someone else I think.
Discussed as a place to look for license free pics. We should ALL be creating to Creative Commons.

Google Apps in Education : Jeff Utrecht

Tip: Use tables when collaboratively working. Stops the doc jumping around. It's Possible to create institution templates Of course there are public templates. to create gorgeous PDF that resemle magazines

Google Forms: Go to tools to fund it. Needs to be switched on at admin level. Use google form and Flubaroo to grade papers and send results to studenmts. ISB uses ut ti become a ninja master at google aps. Students can put a ninja badge on their blog.

Meeting mix: A good template for creating angndas and minutes.

Creatly: mind mapping

It seems that these days, Google Apps has an 'app store'.
Picasa web is available, but needs to be switched on.
Reader is available, but not all countries allow it. Need to set up original Apps acount in a place where it does eist.

Google Calendar: It's possible to turn on mobile to set up to receive sms reminders for free. You can even send an SMS to all your kids to remind them of a test.

Teachable moment : stop the chat getting nasty.

Flat Classroom Project

Creative Commons:

Flipped Classroom: Unconference

What should we be teaching in our classrooms during classroom time?

For all these tasks you need many skills: Search skills, filtering, evaluating.
In a flipped model you spend a little time on content in the classroom and much more time on building the skills.

What is existentialism?

  1. Teaching them how to search.
  2. Go home, find research and write a blog post.
  3. Read a book by existentialism in the class.

Use class time to communicate the ideas. Students communicate a story finding images to illustrate their ideas. The power of images.

Petcha koocha: 20 slides in 20 seconds:

Need to do: Look at the power of images

Half the classroom studies content and produce a blog post.
Other students need to read post and comment, THEN discuss in a group (with notes)
The original group are on the outside and chatting in a chat room and can ask one question.

Assessment: The blog posts, the chat room discussion

KEY POINT: Students need to listen to the comments and then do.


Need to find out about chatrooms.

Creativity with IPads with Keri-Lee Beasley:

Basically and intro to some cool apps on the ipads







Google Sketchup