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K2 (Digital story telling)

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Enhancing literacy/vocabulary
- a child's literacy is based on how many books are around them
- a child needs to see and correctly interpret a word 10 times to know it (when you try to interpret a word, you are correct 1/10 times)

Moving Forward Together
Read this book: Heidi Hayes Jacobs - Curriculum 21

"IT" is way more than just games

Kids can make movies as one method of formative assessment.

Taming Your Digital Input Stream - Michael Boll
Hostage or artist?
Making art - Seth Godin
"My definition of art contains 3 elements:
- made by a human
- created to have impact/change someone else
- gift - idea itself is free"
Merlin Mann - "Time and attention are your most valuable commodities." 43folders.ocom
Steps to Succes
- tame email
- tame info input
- set up work flow system
-enable convenient access to your systems

- giant collection bucket - needs taking out and sorting
- create an Inbox Zero system using an Assembly Line process:
- delegate it
- action it
- do it - only if it takes 2 minutes or less
- archive or delete it
An Archive folder works well
- check email at timed intervals
- your inbox is NOT a to do list!
- view email as something to process, not answer
And if you must...Declare email bankruptcy!!!

RSS - sign up to a reader eg. or
- subscribe to your websites/blogs etc.
Lots of input to process

stuff - inbox - is this item actionable?
  • no - trash/reference storage/parking lot (someday maybe list)
  • yes - one step?
  • project - project plans - what's the next action?
  • do it
  • delegate it
  • defer it - schedule for the future or add it as a next action

Creating a Work Flow System
- phone
- email
- letters
- verbal requests
INPUT - you -
Project Management System
Storage and Reference Systems - eg Evernote - can dump stuff there, and TAG it
website - Remember the Milk
App - OmniFocus
Books - Linchpin by Seth Godin; Upgrade your Lfife by Gina Tsapani (?); Getting Things Done by David Allen


Digital literacy as a core literacy, alongside maths, language, etc.etc.
From Toy to Tool...iPads/iPods etc. - children direct their own learning, even from young age groups. New way of thinking - stop trying to replace text books etc.etc.
Multiple possibilities - kids will access any of the apps we load onto the iPod/iPad. We have to be prepared for this and allow for it.
Blogmeister as an alternative tool for blogging
Be purposeful - who is your audience? Gives children motivation when it's for others; feedback for parents
Blogs linked in to the world - arguments for and against
Blogs are only as secure as the password - never put anything on if it could be damaging to anything

Sharing online isn't PART of being a teacher - it is our work.

If blogging for the class is going to be meaningful and connected, surely we NEED to move away from the private domain, and seek parent buy-in to make it available to the general public. This means censoring content to make sure the info doesn't get too personal/sensitive. Maybe give each child/class/the whole school pen-names? Otherwise it's just parent-school-parent communication; replacing what we already do via email/paper. Maybe we need a whole new way of thinking.

Tech in the EY
- buy good hardware
-sometimes kids work alone, sometimes together
- not just an electronic worksheet that goes beep

the classroom as an educational app - LOVE this idea
kids as experts
ask the kids to find something you haven't tried yet
get parents on board - iPad party; blog launch. Kids taught parents how to use.
honour children's thinking - make it look good!

ZP's class made a class book, turned it into an audio book, posted it on CC.

THOUGHTFUL use of technology. let the children construct their understanding and take control of their learning.

"You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year.: - Henry Ford

Managing iPods/iPads in class:
- have the "helper" wear oven mitts ( "helper gloves" )
- menial labour (eg turning on and off, cleaning the screens) - kids should do it
- headphones with mike - together with splitter so 2 kids can listen
- issue each kid with their own
- keep headphones on the back of the chair
- wipe wire with a wetwipe (to stop kids chewing the wires!)
- pair the most like kids together to focus on a task/product/goal; to focus on process - teambuilding etc.etc. put the most different kids together
- timing - goal-focussed rather than time-focussed.
- have a recording centre - large cardboard box to eliminate background sound

Ways to organise for pre-literate children
- put links on a wiki
- simply box (check this out) - can add as a widget onto a blog
- weebly *check out yola - 3 free sites**
- class blogmeister
NB Google sites don't work well with non-Google
- website
journey north website - projects for K2 age group
only 2 clicks


School set of iPads

Flat classroom - set up inter-school links

iTunes account with set budget per teacher so each teacher can choose iPod apps.

2012 - can link individual tablets to SMARTboard...iPads?

Think about sharing from iPads. (And in general - check and recheck)

Get kids to make videos

Do the iPods have videos/cameras on? WE NEED THIS!


Dana Watts
American Embassy School, New Delhi
Stacy Stephens
American Embassy School, New Delhi
Zoe Page



Site for recording quick ideas using "sticky notes"; no need for passwords; nb anyone can delete the notes. Free to create an account to make your own page. Similar: corkboard me; wallwisher; linoet (sp?)
Possible Uses/Applications
Record observations of the kids?Gather ideas
Beginning of a UOI - write initial thoughts (or end of a unit? eg "Tell me everything you know about..."
Story tool - make a word wall.
Show kids how to connect with others using this.
Can imbed into a blog/add the link.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar book

Scratch - kids' programming app/tool/programme - I have it on my Mac; kids can control a "Sprite" - they can choose a cartoon character or upload photos; programming broken down into jigsaw puzzle pieces which you can customise and fit together to create your own animations and games.

Social Media and Open Education online course

Principals' networking/blog

PS22 Chorus
Creative Commons

Epson short-throw projectors - project on any surface and interactive pens.

iPad apps for EY
Puppet Pals - have to buy the extension to use own photos. Comes with some set characters, which you can use to tell a story or hold a conversation. Can use as an entry point into writing tasks, etc.etc.

Take photos or draw pictures, add text, make a story. Can also add voice or music - more than one! Bilingual books! Shared book projects. Rearrange, add title, notes, author. Share on the StoryKit server (gives you a unique URL - you can send a private link to the URL). Can use as a story-starter; they can write the rest of the story.

File sharing app

SonicPics Lite
Can voiceover multiple photos, make a slideshow/video. Packages it up so you can export it...worth investigating whether this can be exported to/imbedded in blog - kids could share about their day. Can draft and re-do.

FANTASTIC story making app; gives you the structure of a story. Choose a variety of backgrounds/characters or draw your own. Animate your characters and record your voice. BUY THIS APP - it looks AWESOME. Shows you where in the world the cartoon is being used.

Whiteboard with voiceover.

Free, easy, lockable, can add photos, email links,

Use to brainstorm for Apps!

Post picture/self-portrait of the kids; kids can talk...voice version of a blog? Investigate.



Dot voting

Game based learning - Dr Judy Willis
Bloom's Taxonomy applied to AppsBloomin Taxonomy apps/Goggle - Kathy Schrock

Poddy Training
Blog about using iPods in a kindergarten
Way to store stuff

Getting Things Done
book by David Allen