Cohort Name- Empowering Teacher Leaders and Personal Learning Networks

Cohort Leaders: Alec Couros and Jeff Utecht
1st Assignment: email your definition of Technology Integration?

Tools that are helpful for personal networking
Creating a story about network: use for ebooks
Google apps for educators - tool that is helpful for managing your time in connecting and networking
Flubaroo app – Grading Made Easy

Cohort Meeting session 2
1 to 1 use of computers help in changing how teachers execute the school curriculum in a completely different way.
Reflect: Making technology as part of program rather than addition to the program Question: How will you do this?
Teach the kids the skills to communicate, collaborate and to connect
Some of the tools to enhance PLN /and tweetdeck
for Ipad you must use for Ipad
Flicker can be use to make connections
join tweeter and find edtech
2nd Assignment: write and share insights about the things you learned from the un-conferences you attended.

Un-Conferences Attended

@How to get/keep organised on line (blogs, social networking sites, etc.)
Tools tool to share bookmarks social bookmarking tool and links email accounts tool to keep passwords to organize passwords

@Digital Portfolio
- learning portfolio
- showcase
How to categorize?
Storyboard helps if you are doing blogs with the students.
Click here:-) wordpress

@Organizing Class Blog
Type to see the website and view the blogs. password (dragonfly)
the blog can be the portfolio
Parent information session is needed to educate the parents for a school to change the culture about class blogs in the E.Y
Newsletters are uploaded on the blog

On line tools:
Google netvibes
edubooks for connections - to share information

@Ipad management


@Technology in the EY: Zoe Page
Class blog:
Resource site:

Good site : Edutopia Diane Darrow for apps

Video children’s interaction

ask good questions and record. Facilitate!!!

Another tool for blog:

How do we use the tech. in the class: let the children explore and learn from it
Game based leanring Dr. Judy Williams

#tag kinderchat on twitter

@Diigo social online bookmarking tool / social networking J
If you are using firefox use the add on buttons to easier navigation
It is also like google search for education
You can also create a group of your bookmarks
It can set to give you weekly update even if you are not touching Diigo
You can link twitter account, every time you tweet and re-tweet it automatically bookmark

If you are using firefox or crome for twitter it is very useful to use
Create and account on Diigo to organize your bookmarks, it can also link to
click here: for Diigo
George couros blog –
Diigo is an awesome tool for educators to bookmark , share resources and network
Back @cohort SHARING TIME
Good to check and follow Alan Levine (aka. cogdog) on twitter

Creative common is good on flicker for licenced photos and attribution
petcha kutcha is a good resources for photos another good site


ISB Google Apps Ninja Training Centre :

MCQ tests: email score and correction just Flubaroo

this is for free :-)
group of teachers can participate on line :-)

@Flat Classroom good for upper level

collaborating with other classroom at the other side of the worldJ
This is great! Love the idea! COOL!!!


It was a really great experience to meet and be with people who can inspire me to learn, relearn and unlearn the beauty of technology of the 21st century :-) I learned more about the importance and benefits of Personal Learning Network. How PLN can empower teachers and other leaders to collaborate and learn from each other.


It is good to have digital portfolio and class blogs in the EY. I think we need to educate the parents through information sessions and or parent conferences, focusing on the significant benefits of having class blogs and digital portfolio in our school. (educate the parents about terms and conditions, privacy, etc) to appease their apprehensions (if there is any:-)

Ipads for our school :-)




Story Bird
making digital books


for social bookmarking

for managing passwords


managing photos