Cohort Name-Tech101 Michael Boll

TECH 101: Tech Tools that we explored

Etherpad (
Wikis - eg our SWAwikispace
Teacher Website (eg Wordpress has a blog and a website)
Blog as a digital portfolio
Google Docs / Zoho
Social bookmarking (delicious)
RSS - a way to pull content from all over the web (netvibes / google reader)
Content Management System (moodle)
Video in the classroom

Un-Conferences Attended

The Flipped Classroom - interesting stuff about the students doing the content from home then at school doing the discussion, synthesis, activities etc.
look at Brian Bennett science/maths - The Flipped Classroom

1 -1 laptops
Jay Priebe - Nuts and bolts (day to day operations) for 1:1.


I need to remind ourselves continually about Jonathan Tan's presentation on Saturday morning - when and why we use technology is a critical decision.


Flipped Classroom - try half kids do the research and post comments, other half have to discuss their findings (fishbowl idea)

Set up an email filter so that students' work, when emailed to you, goes straight into a named folder.

Recommendation for IT set up for students: tech fest first day of school, students set up blogs, everything they needed for the year, ran it like this conference.

Really liked all the commoncraft videos (In Plain English) on how to use blogs, wikis, googledocs etc for teachers and students




The Flipped Classroom
school v home tasks
The Commoncraft
videos about computer stuff
Mr Boll (teacher)
Bringing technology to the masses