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Hello everyone and welcome to our collective notebook, reflective diary, place to store tidbits of information like resources, contacts and more.

I have created a page for each conference participant (You can find your individual page in the sidebar on the left hand side of this page) We hope that you will use your space to document, not only your learning, but your questions as well.

If you already have your blog or other online space, simply gather your thoughts & resources and link to them here on the wiki. I've created a standard template for each participant; feel free to add or move things around on your page, but let's all try and come back with the same few basics:
  1. Reflections
  2. Ideas
  3. Contacts
  4. Resources

Hopefully, we will have a chance to meet throughout the conference, (It gets really busy) but in case we don't, this wiki can be a place we can all check in to see what other members of our team have been up to each day. I have also created a page called Group Think, where we can share things that might be relevant to us all. We can also share the link with teachers back home, so they can stay connected if they so choose.

Feel free to add any pages you feel are necessary. This is our wiki so use it in anyway you think will be useful. Have a great conference. Remember be social. Ask questions and make connections. This conference is first and foremost about people!